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Agnisys Customer

  • IDesignSpec is a great tool that bridges the gap of register specifications to the design and verification of the actual logic.

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  • “With IDesignSpec we were able to efficiently automate and complete all our register verification tests in a short time.”

  • “It (IDS Batch, IDS Excel) works like a charm! Thank you so much for the great assistance… Integration with R&D was smooth.”

  • “Thanks a lot! Great tool by the way.”

  • “We are pleased that Agnisys has made available the first automatic generation of OVM 1.0 register package validated to run on the Questa® functional verification platform. As a highly active member of the Mentor Questa Vanguard Partnership program, Agnisys works with us to improve design and verification productivity”

  • I’ve been very happy with iDesignSpec (IDSWord). No real issues at this point. … We’re about to do some additional IP development in the next 6 months so I’ll provide more feedback when I get back into the tool. I’ve successfully used it in 2 IP blocks so far.
    I love IDS with AXI4 interface capability. Can’t wait to use it on our next project.

  • I really like your tool as it is a great time saver, and excellent utility for bridging requirements and design… and it is priced well.”

  • “The beauty of IDesignSpec is that it is self-explanatory and takes almost no training for HW or SW engineers to use. Unlike other tools that rely on fancy and complicated GUI yet only produce limited documentation, IDesignSpec’s Word and Excel plug-in capability naturally support great documentation without any duplication of work.

    Overall IDesignSpec is a great tool to help us improve our productivity significantly.”

  • “Agnisys tools did what is supposed to do in cost effective way. There are always deployment issues in new products, but Agnisys provided good service to overcome those issues.