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IVerifySpec™ (IVS) : Executable Register Verification Management Tool

IVerifySpec™ is an enterprise class system that enables teams to collaborate and verify complex SoCs. Teams create verification plan in a document or in a browser and keep it synchronized with the requirements, if available. Teams can choose key indicators of verification progress such as test status, code coverage, functional coverage, and metrics such as lines of code, number of active bugs etc. These indicators are linked to the plan and their status history is maintained. The historic information, coupled with the real-time information from the verification environment are valuable information sources that are post-processed by the system to create deep analysis that provides visibility to everyone about where the verification project is and how much longer it will take for completion.

Key Features

Centralized portal for Verification team and management
Consolidated Information sources
  • Simulation/formal environment
  • Bug tracking system
  • User defined metrics

Simulation tool vendor or methodology agnostic : Works with all vendor tools!
Browser based OR Document based Verification plan and requirements
Collaborate on an intranet and automatically generate MS Word document for plan/req
Deep analysis and charts

  • Traceability Matrix
  • Heat-maps
  • Trend charts
  • Drill down details
Easy to use, simple to install, fits in any verification environment with an almost “invisible footprint

Key Benefits

Achieve Fast Verification closure
Keep verification agile – change plan, requirements, methodology, simulation tool vendor
Conduct what-if analysis
Identify resource bottlenecks and trends in productivity
Manage regressions and reduce regression run-times
Provides key metrics for tape-out go/no-go decisions

More Details

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