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Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions – IP-XACT, Verification Management, UVM Registers, SystemRDL

FAQ 1.1 > What products do you offer?

We offer the following products for hardware design and verification teams:

IDesignSpec : Fastest path to code from register specification : A tool to create register models.

IVerifySpec : Close loop requirement verification : A system for verification management.

IAssertSpec : Simplify Assertion Adoption : A tool to ease the pain of adopting SystemVerilog Assertions

FAQ 1.2 > How is it that your competition charges $100K+ for technology similar to what you have while you charge almost an order of magnitude less? What are we not getting?

You are not getting an opportunity to pay the investors (because the company is self funded) and you are not required to contribute to the high salaries of upper management (we have neither – high salaries or upper management :) . We keep our costs low, so that we can pass on the savings to you – our customers. Our tools are created by engineers, for engineers so there are no middlemen, who typically increase the cost.

In terms of technology, our solutions are the best in the industry and we have patents to ensure that.

FAQ 1.3 > What does your company name “Agnisys” mean?

“Agni” means the Primordial Fire in Sanskrit. It signifies all that is imbued with energy. “Sys” stands for Systems. Agnisys means Systems (our products and those that we help you create) that are filled with this Primordial energy that drive them upward to achieve higher objectives.


FAQ 2.1 > What is IDesignSpec?

The idea behind IDesignSpec is quite simple. Use a document as the single source for hardware specification. Check the spec in the document editor itself using design rules and flag errors right there. Then generate useable code from the specification. When code is untouched by humans, there is minimal chances of accidental injection of errors, as a result quality improves, time to market improves and all this using less number of resources.

FAQ 2.2 > In what form is IDesignSpec offered?

IDesignSpec (IDS) is currently offered as a plug-in for MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007 (called IDSWord), MS Excel 2007 (called IDSExcel), and OpenOffice.org 3 (IDSOO). In addition, the tool is also offered in batch mode (IDSBatch) for both Windows and Linux platforms.

FAQ 2.3 > What outputs are supported by IDesignSpec?

IDesignSpec supports several outputs out of the box (about 15). In addition, users can use Tcl, XML, Perl to generate their special outputs or modify the standard generators. The standard outputs are:

Synthesizable RTL: Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog.

Verification: UVM, OVM, VMM (Ralf), eRM (vr_ad).

Firmware: C header files, C++ Classes.

Industry Standards: IP-XACT 1.5(1685-2009), IP-XACT 1.4, SystemRDL.

Documentation: HTML, PDF, XML, SVG.

FAQ 2.4 > What inputs are supported by IDesignSpec?

Information can be entered in IDesignSpec in MS Word, MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice. In addition IDesignSpec can import IP-XACT, generic XML and SystemRDL. CSV and plain text can also be imported after a simple transformation.

FAQ 2.5 > What are the licensing options for IDesignSpec?

IDesignSpec (IDSWord, IDSExcel, IDSOO, IDSBatch) is offered in node locked or Server based licensing. In addition, a single site or multiple site licenses is also avaiable.

FAQ 2.6 > I’m interested to see if IDesignSpec will help my case. What do I do next?

You can go to the website at http://agnisys.com/idesignspec and request a tool evaluation. Or you can contact Agnisys at info@agnisys.com.


FAQ 3.1 > How can IVerifySpec help our team?

IVerifySpec (IVS) is a tool that has originated from the Verification Trenches. It helps teams to plan for verification in the context of the entire verification effort. It also helps management to monitor the progress as the plan evolves. Using IVS, teams become more productive and get to faster verification closure.

FAQ 3.2 > What does IVerifySpec keep track of? Does it manage regression history?

IVS is capable of managing the entire verification flow, right from the requirements, to verification planning, to individual task assignment & project management, metric planning, to plan execution, capturing of results from simulation/formal runs, to managing regression and managing bugs. All this while keeping track of the history. With all this data, it is capable of showing the project progress and help analysis of the bottlenecks.

FAQ 3.3 > I already have a verification planning tool, why should I get IVerifySpec?

Two reasons:

1. IVerifySpec offers the most comprehensive solution in terms of verification planning and doing so in context of the rest of the project.

2. Most other simulation vendor plans can be generated from IVerifySpec. So IVerifySpec can be thought to sit over or besides the vendor supplied tools. This has the beneficial side-effect of keeping the verification plans – vendor neutral.

FAQ 3.4 > How is IVerifySpec licensed?

IVerifySpec installs on a Linux/Windows server machine. Users use a browser to logon to the internal website. IVerifySpec is licensed for on the server for N number of users.

FAQ 3.5 > I’m interested to see if IVerifySpec will help our team. What do I do next?

You can go to the website at http://agnisys.com/iverifyspec and request a tool evaluation. Or you can contact Agnisys at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it info@agnisys.com.

If you have other questions, please mail us at info@agnisys.com or contact us here.