How to Automate a Complete Register Verification Environment

Memory mapped registers provide reconfigurability and control to an Intellectual Property Block (IP) or System on Chip designs (SoC) and are essential to the development of hardware systems. The sheer number of register bits, their access types, properties and the functionality which they control can be staggering in modern designs.

This whitepaper discusses how to automate a complete register verification environment.

The whitepaper discusses:

  • The complexity of managing all of the source verification files and integrating them into a comprehensive verification environment
  • Review of the many register types that highlight the growing scope of the challenge
  • How Universal Verification Methodology helps the process but adds to the amount of work that is required to implement register verification correctly
  • The benefits of automating register verification
  • The currently available solutions
  • A list of 12 essential elements of a successfully automated register verification environment.
  • Quantification of how much work is automated by automatic register verification
  • Access to additional resources for the reader to further investigate Automatic Register Verification

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