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We look forward to seeing you at DAC  2018 where we will showcase our innovative solutions for complex design and verification problems in system development.Please register below or contact us to learn more.Role of Functional Safety in Automotive Product DevelopmentFunctional Safety has seen a rapid transformation in the past few years. Addressing complex issues such as liability, fault detection, IP Verification, Traceability Requirements, Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) and Parity, and more in a high-volume, cost-sensitive industry is no small task.Learn how Agnisys will deliver a new edge to functional security by providing an end-to-end functional safety solution that reduces the overall automotive compliance effort. Agnisys IDesignSpec™ has been enhanced to cater to these growing needs of functional safety in the automotive industry with new features that include aspects of functional safety through all phases of the system development process.Machine Learning for the Next GenerationMachine Learning/Deep Learning applications require Hyper Parameters. While in software these parameters are easy to control manipulate, however when Machine Learning applications are implemented in hardware, these hyperparameters are typically converted into register settings addressable by a register bus. These register-based hyperparameters can run into thousands if not tens of thousands.As experts in the field of register and sequence specification, learn how Agnisys is making headway with home-grown machine-learning algorithms — and applying it to multi-platform product IDS NextGen™ to help users create SoC specification at an enterprise level.The interplay of IoT in Electronic DesignIoTs have placed a greater demand on the semiconductor industry to deliver embedded systems at a faster pace and with high quality. Due to time to market pressures, IoTs have also reduced the time gap between verification and validation.Learn how Agnisys has reduced the turnaround time from specification to the realization of hardware and software targeting FPGAs and ASICs using ISequenceSpec™

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