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Related Press Release: Agnisys to Unveil Specta-AV at DAC 2019 Signaling the End of Manual UVM CodingJune 3-5, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Booth #812The following presentations will be offered continuously at the Agnisys booth throughout the day. Attendees are invited to visit our free espresso bar and take our Design/Verification Quiz for a chance to win a wireless charger.UVM Testbench GeneratorWith the ability to parse register specs and retarget sequences in C or SystemVerilog, the tool generates the entire UVM Testbench with sequence items, configurations, checkers, coverage and even the plumbing within UVM.Cloud-Based Code Generator for Registers and SequencesWe are taking IDS NextGen™ to the cloud.  This will revolutionize how the files are managed: no hassles in managing local files, no issues with storage and no local software installation required for the product.Support for RISC-V TileLink Bus ProtocolTileLink is an open-source bus-protocol with low latency and cache-coherent shared memory designed for RISC-V, and it’s now supported in IDesignSpec.Sequences in Python or NLP-based Sequence DetectionWe now have come to a point where we can pick sequence of operations from a functional specification and create meaningful code from it.Vertical Reuse of Registers and SequencesWe will discuss the underlying challenges and demonstrate best-practices on how to reuse the auto-generated register RTL, UVM model, UVM test environment and configuration/test sequences at subsystem and final system.Register Design for Low-PowerIn order for IoT devices to become as ubiquitous as we have envisioned it to be, low-power is one of the main requirements. IDesignSpec now supports the following features for low power RTL design.Requirements TraceabilityIDesignSpec now supports traceability. The generated RTL code, UVM reg model and C headers now include a traceability tag from the functional spec.  This is useful for safety-critical designs for automotive and avionics.Please register to schedule an appointment at our booth or contact us to learn more.

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