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About RISC-V

RISC-V is an open, free and extensible ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration. Using RISC-V companies can easily implement the minimal instruction set, well defined extensions and custom extensions to create custom processors for new and innovative workloads. Register Here

What we will show:

We present the Agnisys way of developing embedded products. This provides a path that avoids many pitfalls present in a typical flow, such as a slow process, duplicate efforts, wasteful resources, and so on.

Generate code directly from specification using best-in-class Agnisys products and innovative tool flow. The Agnisys flow involves the use of IDesignSpec™, which starts by defining the Hardware-Software Interface (HSI) of the embedded system, followed by defining the user application logic using DVinsight™, customising standard IPs with SLIP-G™, and connecting all the components using SoC Enterprise™, and getting a jump-start on the software stack using ISequenceSpec™. Create automated UVM-based verification environments using Specta-AV™ and tests using ARV™ and ASVV™.

There’s no more wasted time, no more wasteful resources, and no more sub-optimal code. Agnisys brings a new way of creating embedded designs that just works. In the webinar we will go through a typical embedded system development using this new Agnisys way.

Participate in the AGNISYS QUIZ and Win Exciting Prizes

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  • RISC-V attendees who scores more than 8/10 will get an Smart Plug, Gosund Mini WiFi Outlet.
  • To improve your chances to win take a quick peak at our product offerings, visit the RISC-V Booth.
  • In addition, everyone who takes the quiz will be put in a drawing for Echo Show 8 (Sandstone) with Echo Flex.
    Winner to be chosen by a random drawing around Dec 11, 2020. This is an offer for US residents only who are visiting Agnisys Booth at RISC V Summit 2020.

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