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DVinsight – a smart editor

This webinar illustrates how the DVinsight (DVi) smart editor can help beginners as well as experienced DV engineers. It not only helps to shorten the learning curve of new DV engineers but also helps in accelerating error-free code development for expert DV professionals. DVi saves a lot of time and hassles in writing verification code by providing guidance to the user, because of its early warning system and ability to help the user to visualize the code. The DVi editor checker provides helpful insight into user code and ensures compliance with UVM best practices while adhering to established standards.There are hundreds of rules that a DV engineer must follow when creating a testbench infrastructure that conforms to UVM. If these rules are not adhered to, problems are not discovered until later in the verification process where they are more costly to correct because compilers do not catch UVM rules-based errors. DVi helps semiconductor organizations save huge costs as it understands the engineer’s intentions with uncanny accuracy and identifies issues quickly, during DV code creation, before they become problematic and lead to major debug challenges.

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Event Info:
Date :  April 8th, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM-11:00 PM PDT
Presenter: Devender Pal Khari, Agnisys Engineering Manager

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