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This webinar demonstrates a flexible and customizable flow for smart design assembly to meet specific design requirements. Flexible means support for IPs in different formats such as IP-XACT, RTL, SystemRDL, OpenOffice, Word, Excel, etc. Customizable means supporting fully parameterized configuration. Smart design assembly uses component generators that can not only generate the IPs but also the components such as aggregators, bridges, channels, bus fabrics, muxes, etc. wherever needed. This webinar highlights the following benefits of the flow for every SoC design and verification team:

– Saves large amount of time by automation through text-based APIs

– Flexibility to abstract ports to efficiently capture connections

– Ability to easily specify tie-offs, intentional opens and other special cases, where needed

– Support for built in Design Rule Checks to validate design connectivity before generating RTL

– Flexibility to add custom DRC checks.

Event Info:
Date : May 21st, 2020
Time : 10:00 AM-11:00 AM PDT

Presenter: Devender Pal Khari, Agnisys Engineering Manager

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