General Questions – IP-XACT, Verification Management, UVM Registers, SystemRDL

FAQ 1.1 > What products do you offer?

We offer the following products for hardware design and verification teams:

IDesignSpec : Fastest path to code from register specification : A tool to create register models.
IVerifySpec : Close loop requirement verification : A system for verification management.
IAssertSpec : Simplify Assertion Adoption : A tool to ease the pain of adopting SystemVerilog Assertions

FAQ 1.2 > How is it that your competition charges $100K+ for technology similar to what you have while you charge almost an order of magnitude less? What are we not getting?

You are not getting an opportunity to pay the investors (because the company is self funded) and you are not required to contribute to the high salaries of upper management (we have neither – high salaries or upper management :) . We keep our costs low, so that we can pass on the savings to you – our customers. Our tools are created by engineers, for engineers so there are no middlemen, who typically increase the cost.

In terms of technology, our solutions are the best in the industry and we have patents to ensure that.

FAQ 1.3 > What does your company name “Agnisys” mean?

“Agni” means the Primordial Fire in Sanskrit. It signifies all that is imbued with energy. “Sys” stands for Systems. Agnisys means Systems (our products and those that we help you create) that are filled with this Primordial energy that drive them upward to achieve higher objectives.