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SoC Enterprise – SoC Builder & Database Management


SoC Enterprise is a comprehensive system to manage all data pertaining to SoC and IP development. It is an enterprise level features to provide Multi-User, Multi-Platform environment solution for seamless integration of IP. It helps the user enter various aspects of the SoC/IP in a unified and connected manner. It takes RTL & third party IP details from the IP-XACT, MS-Excel and integrate them.

User can export the integrated netlist of the SoC, formal assertions to check connectivity, and its datasheet in MS-Word and HTML format. It is built on top of ISS & IDS with the capability to support the registers & the sequences.



The eclipse based user-friendly GUI of the SoC-E helps to navigate the design hierarchy from top to bottom. User can generate easy to understand details in MS Word for any IP or entire SoC. In next release we will also generate the SystemC model of the SoC for virtual prototype and its UVM verification environment.

SoC-Enterprise GUI view

SoC Enterprise – SoC Builder & Database Management

Key Benefits

  • Consistent Enterprise class solution for multi-user, multi-platform environment which promotes reuse
  • Quick adoption across teams with the Eclipse based natural and intuitive user interface
  • Save time in designing the IP and SoC for faster time to market
  • Ensure data portability due to adherence to standards like IP-XACT

Key Features

  • Maintains the details of each IP/SoC : I/O Ports, Registers, Sequences, Signal/Bus Interconnects, Physical, Electrical, Parameters, analog data
  • Integrates with IDesignSpec™ and ISequenceSpec™ for Registers and Sequences
  • TCL API for data manipulation
  • Inbuilt customizable DRC checks
  • GUI & Batch mode operation
  • Imports all the details of IP-XACT to readable Excel format*

Outputs Generated

  • Netlist in Verilog, VHDL*
  • Formal Assertions for connectivity checks
  • SystemC and UVM Verification Environment*
  • Datasheet in Word & HTML







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