In the industry where the designs are getting complex with huge hierarchy, there is often a requirement of multiple clock domains. But while, multiple clock domains exist various complications occurs, such as setup and hold time differences which further leads to a metastability state. Some of these errors can be caught at an early stage in the design while few occur at a later verification stage. Other issues include violation of the protocols. The 2-D flip flop technique only solves the CDC issues for 1-bit transaction. Automation has been done for the generation of proper code of design and verification from the specification itself for multi-bit transactions eliminating all the CDC related issues. SoC level specification can be used for the generation of correct design code for clock domain crossing, covering all the scenarios and various bus protocols. CDC has been implemented between various bus protocols used in the industry and the custom bus which can be user defined. The paper will talk about the simulation results obtained for the implementation of a low power RTL design and techniques used for interconnection with various bus protocols.  Download Now

By Comments off December 30, 2020