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Age of cooperation, is it?

Its heartening to see greater cooperation between various EDA companies, both big and small. The ongoing work under Accellera for UVM, UCIS and IP-XACT is testament to this fact.  It is often bemusing to see the push and pull in the Accellera technical meetings between the members. However, in the end greater sense typically prevails and as a result the industry as a whole is moving towards achieving something that’s greater than the sum of its parts. What Accellera is doing now will go a long way in achieving its goal of improving designer’s productivity through worldwide development and use of standards.

Collaboration isn’t just limited to Accellera, we are thrilled that Cadence has included us in their Verification Alliance Partner program. This completes our goal to partner with the three major EDA tools vendors – Mentor, Synopsys and now Cadence. We are grateful to these companies for trusting us with their valuable tools and promoting innovation and enterprise. We will continue to work with our common customers and create greater value for them.

In continuation of the collaboration theme, we too have started a new program called Agnisys Fusion Partner Program. This program is open to companies and individuals who are engaged in providing services/training for the Semiconductor industry.

We look forward to working with our ecosystem partners and in the words of Cadence’s CMO, close the “Profitability Gap” in the electronics industry.

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