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Getting Started with IDS-Validate


To get started with IDS-Validate you need to put 3 things in place.

  1. The RISC-V gcc tool chain
  2. The RTL for the RISC-V
  3. The UVM environment

1. RISC-V gcc tool chain

Setup procedure : riscv/riscv-gnu-toolchain: GNU toolchain for RISC-V, including GCC

Steps to install RISC-V Toolchain are updated in README.md of Git repository and step up in your server.

2. RTL for the RISC-V (Veer from Chips Alliance)

Link: https://github.com/chipsalliance/Cores-VeeR-EH1.git

Chips Alliance has published a register-transfer level (RTL) design abstraction of its in-house designed VeeR-EH1 RISC-V core and is available on GitHub.The design is licensed under the Apache 2.0 licence that allows the core to be used with or without modifications.

Set the ‘RV_ROOT’ environment variable to the root of the VeeR directory structure

   Example for bash shell: `export RV_ROOT=/path/to/veer`

   Example for csh or its derivatives: `setenv RV_ROOT /path/to/veer`

3. UVM home setup

          (This is required to run the examples which are downloaded from this site)

  • Go to UVM examples : cd ../examples/hello_world/uvm/

These are simple UVM examples designed to test the setup. They are already located in a zipped folder to test the setup.

  • Co mpile the example using :

                       compilation_command -f compile_<toolname>.f

                       (example for questasim use : qverilog -f compile_questa.f)

  • Run the example

4. Running Simulation

  •  Irun (Cadence) setup.
    Setting up a UVM environment for Xcelium. Here's a brief overview tailored for Xcelium:
  • Install Xcelium:
    •  Ensure that Xcelium (Xcelium_Single_Core cdslmd 23.0) is installed on your machine
  • Set Up Environment Variables:
    • Configure environment variables for Xcelium. Add the Xcelium bin directory to your PATH and set other required variables.
    • export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/xcelium/tools/bin
  • Create Project Directory:
    • Establish a project directory where you will organise your UVM testbench and RTL code.
  • Run the simulation

5. Command to Run firmware sequences on Validation Environment


 Command line
Idsbatch <input file> -out “verilog arv_metal iss_firmware “ -dir <output dir> -bus apb

   A directory “arv_metal” is created in the output directory with all the above files.

Run simulation :

  • Change directory to the “arv_metal”
  • Run one of the commands below as per the simulation environment:

           Xcelium:  make -f Makefile TEST_NAME=<test folder name> irun

Note:- The current support is for 32 RISC-V toolchain. 


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