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IDesignSpecTM Won 2nd prize at the EDA Software Contest

New Delhi, India, Jan 6th 2009

IDesignSpecTM, Agnisys’ flagship EDA product, won the 2nd prize at the EDA software contest held during the 22nd International conference on VLSI design and embedded systems. According to Dr. Vishwani D Agrawal, Chairman, VLSI Conference steering committee & Convener for the contest, “EDA is a critical cog in the semiconductor ecosystem …The choice of 22nd International Conference on VLSI design and embedded systems is apt since it is the largest congregation of professionals and academia encompassing the entire industry …”. “Innovation is critical for the revival of the EDA industry” said Devendra Kumar, Director at Agnisys Technology, “… we are grateful to receive such a positive endorsement from the organizers of India’s largest international platform for the VLSI and embedded segments, …”.

Overcoming the weaknesses of traditional natural language specifications requires writing the specifications in a precise format rather than natural language, and making this format executable so that tools can generate as many files as possible for the design, verification, programming, validation, and documentation teams. Learn how Agnisys approaches a solution to this challenge that is available today.

streamline semiconductor design verification validation documentation