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Specification Automation for FPGAs

Today’s programmable devices require many of the same development techniques and tools as ASIC and full-custom designs, and the most sophisticated FPGAs fully qualify as SoCs. Your FPGA developers can benefit from the same specification automation solutions as their ASIC counterparts.

IDesignSpec GDI and IDS-Batch CLI Support for FPGAs

IDesignSpec GDI and IDS-Batch CLI include specialized support for your FPGA designers. IDesignSpec GDI and IDS-Batch CLI can read the specifications for pre-defined IP blocks provided by FPGA vendors for integration into larger designs. IDesignSpec GDI and IDS-Batch CLI generate UVM models, C/C++ headers, and documentation for these IP blocks automatically. They also generate target scripts for use in the FPGA vendor implementation tools. Agnisys directly partners with both Xilinx and Intel to support your team.