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Customer’s Music and DVCon 2012

I admit it, I get a high when meeting customers and hearing how they are using our tools. It is a pleasure to see that we are really helping them improve their efficiency and ultimately their lives. That’s gotta be a reward in itself for anyone.

Its not always perfect though, once in a while a customer will give it to me that there are issues and we need to address them immediately. I like to take that on the chin. I think the best way to take feedback is for the CEO (that would be me in this case) to hear the music first hand. Of course this is not possible for large companies, or maybe it is for their large multimillion dollar customers. We are not that large – yet.


Beautiful snow cap mountains on the way to DVCon

At the recent DVCon, at the Accellera “Town hall” luncheon meeting I raised the question about “who is looking out for the needs of the mid to small size semiconductor companies”. You see standards are created by Accellera and I see that a lot of big companies have the resources to send and attend these meetings and drive their perspective. I feel that SMB – a lot of our customers – are not represented at these Accellera meetings.

Bill Gates questions why it is that treatment for Hair loss receives more funding than Malaria.

I suspect we could get standards that are good for the large corporations and     could be a real pain in the a** for small and mid-sized ones.

At one of the lunches hosted at the DVCon show, I got into an interesting discussion with the Editor of EE Journal (Kevin Moris) about what motivates people to act (buy): Fear and greed. EDA companies use that all the time – “Use our tools because successful companies are doing so …”



Proof that Agnisys was there!

I was interviewed by Amelia Dalton for her pod cast “Fish Fry” which I really enjoyed.  And later by Graham Bell for EDACafe.

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