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First sale is always sweet!

I’m thrilled. Finally, we have a customer who sees the value that IDesignSpec brings for his company. We are indeed thankful to them for trusting our technology. I think this is validation of the concepts on which this tool is based upon: that of single information source, simple, easy to use point tools, and focus on company wide benefits.

It is very gratifying to see that even in this troubled economic times we have companies that truly value innovation, not just for the sake of trying out something new, but for the real competitive advantage that it brings. I sure hope we would find more like them in the coming future.

Speaking of innovation, yesterday I was at a relatively small, close-knit conference in Cambridge, called CodeGeneration2009. It was interesting to see the academics and the industry experts arguing about raising the abstraction in software and embedded space, and why is it that UML has failed to deliver. They were talking about DSL (Domain Specific Languages), MDD (Model Driven Development), etc. and why these would change the way software development is done.

I found it interesting that software experts believe that today hardware engineering is more methodical and rigorous than the average software design process. They pointed out that we in the hardware community are already using Domain Specific Languages (HDLs and HVLs). We know very well that that’s not enough and we would like to raise the abstraction even further and make people more productive (that’s what IDesignSpec is all about). We in the Hardware community feel that the software guys have more sophisticated tools/technology like IDEs, Profilers, well established libraries, to make them more productive. I guess it’s the bank on the other side which always looks greener.

Speaking of banks of the river, after the conference, we went for a punting trip and the banks on both sides of the river were green.



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