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Great turnout at the Design Automation Conference

We had a great first day at DAC. All the talk about recession and economic doom were hard to believe. People were enthusiastic and upbeat. Even the guys and gals looking for work were upbeat and were considering it to be a temporary phase.

We started early at 6:00 AM from San Jose. The drive on Route 280 was nice in the morning with almost no traffic. Clouds on top of the hills along the way were very nice.

Reached at 7:00 and got down to setting up the three laptops and a (borrowed) projector. We had already setup the booth on Saturday.

Many interesting people doing cool things dropped by to see the products, many had seen us on Gary Smith and John Cooley’s must see list. Many others simply came with no idea what we were doing and to their surprise, they realized they could use our solutions.

Interestingly a few people thought that we were doing natural language parsing in IDesignSpec. Oh well, some day, at some DAC!

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