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IDesignSpec: An Engineering tool with a difference.

I’m so excited … After years of work, my team and I have converted a word processor into an Engineering tool. Its like the Gene in Arabian Nights who says ” your wish is my command” … except in this case, your word is its command. The tool is called IDesignSpec and currently it can read your functional specification and create register descriptions from it. Some day in the future it would read more of the Text from the specification and generate entire systems from it.

When developing FPGAs and ASICs there is so much effeciency that can be harnessed by automating tasks that typically require manual effort. IDesignSpec automates not just the task of the hardware designer but that of the Verification engineer, the Architect, the Firmware developer, the lab debuger and even the Software developer. Everyone stands to gain from it.

ic designer's guide to automating design through implementation of semiconductors