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It's DAC time of the year again!

Started blogging again, this time from our own blogging site.

Its DAC time of the year again. This will be our 2nd year in a row at DAC. Hopefully we have learned from our mistakes and won’t be repeating them this year. DAC preparations are on full swing, with the entire Agnisys team working really hard and forgoing their summer lunch time siesta even 😉

Apart from the usual DAC demos, we have two presentations scheduled at the OVM/UVM booth. Its gratifying that our two main tools (IDesignSpec and IVerifySpec) are in areas which are in great demand — Register Specification and Verification Management.

GateRocket, one of our long time customer, is presenting the results of their deployment of IVerifySpec™. GateRocket founder and CTO, Chris Schalick will present an overview of GateRocket’s use of IVerifySpec at a poster session entitled “Automation for Quality Improvements".

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