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DVinsight: Universal Verification Methodology IDE at DAC Day 3

Ending the last day of DAC strong with a presentation of DVinsight, a Universal Verification Methodology IDE

The highlight of the last day at DAC was my presentation at the verification academy booth.  I presented DVinsight, a Universal Verification Methodology IDE to experts in the SV/UVM arena. Tom Fitzpatrick, who is one of the foremost experts in the field of System Verilog and Universal Verification Methodology attended the presentation as well.

Tom liked the new tool and recommended several enhancements which we will implement because as one of the experts in this industry his advice is likely to resonate with customers.  Cliff Cummings, another expert also attended and was engaging during the entire presentation.

Thanks to Dennis Brophy and Rebecca Granquist from Mentor Graphics for giving Agnisys the opportunity to share innovative products like DVinsight.  As an Agnisys partner, Mentor Graphics has supported our company at every step of our success and we thank them.

Amelia Dalton wins the Agnisys Glory Games

We had a lot of fun with the Agnisys Glory Games at DAC.  Amelea Dalton won the nest as the glory games concluded. Here is Anupam presenting her Nest thermostat which is one of the “Internet of Things” devices that is all the craze in the consumer industry.

The Design Automation Conference was a success for Agnisys.  We launched DVinsight, hosted countless visitors to our booth, had fun with the Agnisys Glory Games and learned a lot from each and every visitor.

We leave you with two of our most entertaining picture submissions to the Agnisys Glory Games.

glory games entry dog participates in Agnisys Glory Games

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