Many applications have high requirements for functional safety because the consequences of failure could lead to damage, injury, or loss of life. Road vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, and buses are a common example. The risk of system (hardware and software) malfunction must be measured and minimised. Industry standards provide the guidance for developers to assess risks and develop appropriate measures so that the systems continue to operate safely when failures occur. For electrical and electronic vehicular applications, ISO 26262 is the primary standard.

Part of applying ISO 26262 to the IP and system-on-chip (SoC) development process is qualifying the electronic design automation (EDA) tools used. This can place a heavy burden on the users, so tool vendors should do as much of the work as possible by providing products and flows that meet the stringent qualification requirements of the standard. The complete Agnisys IDesignSpec™ Suite of products has been certified by the internationally recognized testing organisation.

TÜV SÜD achieved the stringent tool qualification criteria defined in ISO 26262, compliant to the highest safety integrity levels of ASIL D and TCL1. The IDesignSpec Suite is classified as T2 offline-tool, suitable to be used in safety-related development according to IEC 61508.

The certification means that IP and SoC developers do not have to take any additional steps to qualify or certify the Agnisys products in their flow. Agnisys provides the ISO 26262 Tool Qualification Kit (TQK), covering the complete suite of IDesignSpec (IDS™) software products:

  • IDS™
    • IDSBatch™ : Command line to read specs in a variety of formats and generate an even more variety of output formats
    • IDSExcel™ : Plug-in for MS Excel(r) used to capture register specs and generate outputs
    • IDSWord™ : Plug-in for MS Word(r) used to capture register specs and generate outputs
    • IDSCalc™ : Plug-in for OpenOffice Calc to capture register specs and generate outputs
  • IDS NextGen™ (IDS-NG™) : A cross platform Integrated Development Environment for specification entry and output generation
  • ISequenceSpec™ (ISS™) : Golden Sequence Spec to UVM, C and other output generation
  • ARV™
    • ARV-Sim™ : Automatic UVM Register test and  environment generation
    • ARV-Formal™ : Formal assertion generation for register maps
    • ARV-C™ : C/C++ tests generation for Register maps
  • Specta-AV™ : Automatic Verification from Specification
  • ASVV™ : Automatic Verification and Validation – a UVM-C environment generator
  • SoC Enterprise™ (SoC-E™) : Smart Assembler for SoCs

To learn more about the functional safety Agnisys ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 qualification, see the following: