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Agnisys Commitment to Customer Success: A Competitive Advantage

The Agnisys IDesignSpec™ Suite offers development teams a closely linked set of products, including a unified graphical design interface (GDI) front and a unified generation engine. These can be shared across all your teams to maximize efficiency and support fully automated flows.

One of the Agnisys company values is high customer satisfaction and prompt customer service. Our application engineers are located where our users are to provide timely responses. Our customer portal provides users access to the latest:

  • Software downloads
  • Product
  • Product announcements
  • Product and technology training courses
  • License configuration and temp license requests
  • Customer-specific issues in the Agnisys issue tracking system

Agnisys not only provides customer support but also provides services to become an extended part of the customer team. Apart from solving various technical queries, we are open to accepting any feature request from the customers' specific requirements as well as enhancing the tool based on it. The response to any ticket opened is less than 24 hours. Customers can also set the priority of any requirement for which immediate implementation is done and a user-specific engineering build is provided.

All the enhancements and features added to the tools are communicated to the customers through emails with release notes every month. There is detailed online documentation in place which contains a detailed description, a logic diagram, and an example with input specification and expected code snippets.

Agnisys also has an LMS (Learning Management System) where on request we can conduct various trainings for the customers which can be tool-specific for any standard input or output such as SystemRDL, IP-XACT, and UVM.

There is a quarterly release of newsletters for the customer containing the latest research and enhancements in the tool. Agnisys also conducts various webinars helping the semiconductor industry solve the present-time design and verification challenges.

Agnisys has been an active member of Accellera, contributing to various working groups such as IP-XACT, CDC, Functional Safety, PSS, SystemC, etc. The recently released IP-XACT 2022 standard committee includes members from Agnisys as well. Agnisys has also been a part of various VLSI conferences such as DAC, DVCon, and RISC-V Summit, marking its presence with a booth setup and presentation of various tutorials and whitepapers.

The Agnisys IDesignSpec Suite has grown with over 400+ properties only because of its flexibility and response to customers' suggestions and accommodating the latest research and challenges of the industry. There have been daily or weekly sync-up meetings in place in case of long-term projects for better communication, understanding customers requirements, and sharing progress.

Agnisys is also open to providing various services beyond the scope of tools for verification with onsite and offsite support by allotting a dedicated engineering team for the project.


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