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Automatic Register Verification Gains Acceptance at DAC

With the Design Automation Conference wrapping up this week in San Francisco, there is one thing we can say for sure – Automatic Register Verification (ARV) gains acceptance with design and verification teams.

Last month, Agnisys launched a new product called ARV with two versions.

ARV-Formal is a complete solution that takes the register specification and RTL design as input and performs a formal proof to ensure all register operations conform to the specification. ARV-Formal automatically generates assertions directly from the specification and executes them using the integrated formal engine, therefore completely automating setup and ensuring a very rapid return on investment. At the Design Automation Conference, Anupam was invited to present ARV-Formal in the OneSpin Solutions booth.

ARV Formal presentation in OneSpin Solutions Booth

ARV success story allegro micro systems

ARV-Sim is a complete register verification solution that integrates with Synopsys VCS®, Cadence Incisive® and Mentor Questa® simulators. ARV-Sim completely automates the UVM verification process. This approach eliminates the lengthy and error prone UVM testbench and sequence creation process. ARV-Sim provides the positive and negative sequences automatically – the actual test sequences that stimulate the hardware to ensure that the implementation is correct. ARV-Sim examines not only the register implementation but also the interface between the registers and the application logic. Allegro Microsystems has provided a case study of the benefits they realized by using ARV-Sim.

Busy Booth at DAC

The booth was quite busy because of the interest in register verification and the need to keep each design team’s representation of registers synchronized. Additionally, verification of registers is error prone using manual methods. This picture shows a group of engineers intently listening to Anupam describe the product’s features and benefits.

Automatic register verification popular


Agnisys at DAC 2015 – great engagement by visitors about our new products. Check out the pictures and please “Like” our Facebook page.

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Onto the next adventure

Onto the next conference and following up on the many leads we collected at DAC. In the meantime, please feel free to evaluate ARV and experience the benefits first-hand or download the whitepaper about it.

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