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PRM (Programmer's Reference Manual) Support in IDS-Validate


Agnisys has developed a Programmer's Reference Manual (PRM) that serves as a comprehensive documentation resource for “programming sequences” and hardware addressable register architecture. It is intended to be a key reference for programmers, developers, and individuals seeking a detailed understanding of the intricacies of the design being developed.

Agnisys' PRM comprises three views that are beneficial for users:

Register View: This view provides complete information on addressable register and memory data.

Sequences Tabular View: This section presents detailed information about sequences in a tabular format. Users can conveniently track and access information related to each sequence.

Flowchart View: This view includes a graphical representation or flowchart illustrating the sequences, offering a visual understanding of the information flow.

Steps for Generating PRM Using IDS-Validate

A sequence is a “set of steps” that involve writing/reading specific bit fields of the registers in the IP/SoC. This sequence can be simple or complex, involving conditional expressions, an array of registers, loops, etc.  Users can write a single sequence specification from which an Agnisys compiler automatically generates UVM sequences  for verification, SystemVerilog sequences for validation, C code for firmware and device driver development, and various output formats for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). 

Use Case

IDS-Batch CLI:

Users can generate PRM output using the following command:

       Command Line

         idsbatch <input_file> -out “iss_prm” -dir <user_defined>

IDesignSpec GDI:

Users can generate the PRM by adding the following command in the configure window:

IDesignSpec GDI-1Figure 1- Configuration Setting


Input Sequence Specification:

Input Sequence Specification-1                                                                             Figure 2- Input Sequence Specification

PRM Generated Output:

Register view:

Register view-1                                                                                      Figure 3- Register view

Tabular view:

Tabular viewFigure 4-Tabular View 

Sequence view:

PRM-2Figure 5- Sequence View


IDS-Validate is a useful tool that simplifies the verification of complex systems by creating and managing models of hardware registers. By automating test generation and facilitating reuse, IDS-Validate saves time and effort in system verification. The ability to generate C code equivalents of sequences adds flexibility to the testing process. Overall, IDS-Validate enhances reusability and scalability, making it an effective solution for the verification of sophisticated system-level designs. From the golden custom sequence specification in a single file, IDS-Validate can generate PRM outputs such as :

  1. Register information in HTML format
  2. Tabular information about custom sequences
  3. Flowchart of the custom sequences 

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