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Why is it difficult to make your first EDA tool sale?

As you know we have created a brand new EDA tool that saves people a lot of time and money. Ok you have heard that before. But this is real 🙂 Ok so you have heard *that* before too! So how do I convince you to take a look at it.

a. I could hire a Sales person to find interesting ways to make inroads into your company.
b. I could hire a consultant who would do the same.
c. I could get a VC to fund us and then we blitz the Internet and other media to convince you to take a look at this new tool.

But, who pays for all this? Ofcourse, you do. Thats why, I believe, EDA tool prices are often out-of-whack.

We have a tool that we created with the minimum of resources, we could now pass all that saving onto you, but only if you would take us seriously without making us spend too much, which we would need to recover later. Won’t you look at this new tool?

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