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Despite the many challenges we’re all facing, 2020 was a year of growth for Agnisys. We expanded our user base, introduced new products, and developed unified flows and methodologies to help our users be even more successful. We took the next step in our evolution by holding our first user group event on March 18, 2021.

We coined the name AUGER for Agnisys User Group Educational Roundtable to suggest that we would “drill down” on key technical topics. The word “roundtable” is important; this was not a standard one-way webinar. We talked to our users, encouraged our users to talk to us, and allowed time for our users to talk to each other.

If you were unable to attend, you can register below to watch the entire event or selected sessions. You will receive updates from Agnisys Engineering on products that you can put to use immediately in your work. You will learn the latest in Specification Driven Development, how to create a quality register map, the pitfalls to avoid, and what’s coming in the near future.

Time (Mins)
Welcome and introductions
Agnisys state of the company & future roadmap

We will update you on where the company is going and what customers are doing with our products.

Latest from Agnisys Engineering team

Hear the latest about our new products direct from our engineering team head.

User presentation

We would like to bring to you a user who is willing to share their unique experience using our products.

Using IDS to ensure functional safety & security

Functional safety is all the rage and we will discuss several new targeted features in our products.

Customer use case scenarios

How customers are using ISS and ARV for verification and validation.

Improve your RegMap with quality checks

We have seen them all, good regmaps and bad ones. We will update you about how to check the quality of your regmap.

Latest properties and customizations in IDS

Lots of new properties and customizations are constantly being added that you could put to use immediately.

Roundtable discussion

This is where you (our respected customer) come in to voice your opinion and give us your perspective.

Quiz and prizes

We will have some fun to wrap up the event with some on-the-spot quizzes and prizes.

Vote of Thanks

On Demand full recording or individual sessions

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