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Newsletter 2022 Q4

There are a great number of improvements in Agnisys tools. The primary new enhancements include flopped interrupt support in RTL, CDC support from the SW side using “custom_sync”, Hierarchical Restructuring, and SystemRDL Editor/Ace Editor in IDS-NG.

IDesignSpec supports the interrupts output without any delay which is a limitation for CDC usage. When necessary for the optimization of the design, it is crucial to provide a delay in the interrupts. IDS provides a top property that produces a separate assigned block for each interrupt in order to accomplish this goal, delaying the interrupt. Read More

The relevant control and data signals on the HW interface are synchronized using the 2-FF chain inside the handshake widget module. When synthesizing RTL, it is possible for the place-and-route tool to position these flops too far apart, leading to metastability in the synchronized signals and defeating the purpose of the flops. To fix this problem, separate modules called "agni sync sw block" and "agni sync HW block" are added to the 2-FF chain for the register clock and hardware clock, and the existing 2-FF logic is replaced with these modules in the necessary synchronizers. Read More

IDS-Integrate offers hierarchical restructuring in order to give users the option to reorder designs by altering the parent-child relationships between blocks while preserving or eliminating connections as desired. IDS-Integrate can currently read or make sophisticated designs. Users can change the hierarchy in the current design to satisfy new requirements thanks to the hierarchical restructure capability. Read More

IDS-NG has a SystemRDL editor that is enhanced with RDL 2.0 feature support, context-sensitive hinting, indentation, keyword and syntax highlighting, RDL property hinting, template hinting and insertion, basic RDL syntax error highlighting, code folding, error checking and generation, and support for IDS UDPs, among other features. In addition, several more languages that IDS works with are supported for the majority of editing tools including syntax highlighting. The developers' experience should be improved by these IDS-NG enhancements, which offer a robust and sophisticated code editing facility. Read More