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Newsletter 2023 Q4

Agnisys added a lot of new enhancements in 2023. Here are a few important ones. 

We are constantly moving towards our goal of specification driven development.

We're going to start including a piece in our newsletter called "Steps to Start Using" with comprehensive instructions on how to use the feature right away after installation. We hope you will find the new features helpful and utilize them right away.

In this Newsletter we will discuss the following:

  • Power Optimization by clock gating
  • PSS Support In IDS-Validate
  • ISS Graph Output

Designing with optimal power consumption in mind is essential as smartphones and Internet of Things devices become more commonplace. Modern integrated circuits use a lot of electricity because they include more than 100 million transistors and may operate at frequencies higher than 1 GHz. Clock gating strategies are a crucial part of the power optimization approach in IDS, which tackles this problem.  Read More

A standard for constructing a single representation of test scenarios and stimuli that may be used by a range of users at various integration levels is defined by the Portable Test and Stimulus Standard. This standard allows users to define a collection of behaviors that can be used as the basis for various implementations. Constraints, Randomization, Coverage, and Behavior Modeling (Actions, Activities, Components, Resource, Pooling) are among the components available in PSS for modeling data flow. PSS is helpful in creating high-level test scenarios for SoCs.  Read More

Across a wide range of industries, flowcharts are frequently used to examine, organize, document, and convey frequently complex processes in simple, understandable diagrams. It defines the type of steps using diamonds, ovals, rectangles, and maybe many more forms. It also defines flow and sequence using connecting arrows. Read More