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Newsletter 2024 Q1

Agnisys added a lot of new enhancements in Q1 2024. Here are a few important ones like frequency optimization through pipelining, and some enhancements in hierarchical decode, parametric RTL, etc. 

We are constantly moving towards our goal of specification driven development.

We're going to start including a piece in our newsletter called "Steps to Start Using" with comprehensive instructions on how to use the feature right away after installation. We hope you will find the new features helpful and utilize them right away.

In this Newsletter we will discuss the following:

  • Frequency Optimization through Pipelining
  • Power optimization in IDS
  • Hierarchical decode in VHDL
  • Parametric RTL

Improving data flow through stages, minimizing delays, and optimizing timing are crucial strategies in IC design. Incorporating stages and applying retiming techniques boosts overall efficiency and speed in digital systems. In Verilog code, optimizing for maximum frequency is essential for meeting today's tech demands. IDS tools address these parameters by incorporating stage properties, reducing propagation delay, and enhancing maximum frequency. More Details

As smartphones and IoT devices  are increasing rapidly, optimizing power usage is crucial in the design process. Today's integrated circuits, packed with over 100 million transistors and operating at speeds beyond 1 GHz, consume significant power. More Details

Address decoding plays a critical role in organizing the memory or registers within a chip, ensuring efficient functionality and access. Without address decoding, connecting multiple IP blocks to a processor would be impractical in modern System-on-Chips (SoCs). More Details

In the RTL design, efficiency and flexibility are key factors. That's why IDesignSpec upgrades to RTL generation that take parameterization to the next level. With this enhancement, users can customize RTL designs effortlessly using parameters. This means you can tailor your RTL designs to fit your exact needs, whether it's adjusting the number of registers in an array, changing field width, or adding or removing registers and fields. More Details