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The Benefits Discretix Gained With IDesignSpec™

Discretix-logoIDesignSpec™ changes the way Discretix develops embedded security solutions and IP solutions.  Alon Scheptol, Discretix Design Engr. quotes Agnisys tool IDesignSpec™ is fully loaded with Capabilities and usage simplicity combined with Great Support.

Discritix is an innovative company which provides security solutions to mobile, storage, networking, office automation and industrial markets. They choose IDesignSpec™ from Agnisys. In this article Alon Scheptol, a senior project engineer explains why.


Discretix’ is developing an embedded security solution and is delivering fully integrated and secure end-user applications for OS vendors, hardware manufacturers, as well as IP vendors. These security solutions are deployed in mobile and flash memory devices which enable the commercial distribution of premium services and applications while protecting the device and its contents. Generating a highly configurable security IP requires an endless amount of Variants. To set up IP for each customer, there is an in-house Verification Environment and Methodology with Synthesis Flags for each IP in such a complex and security sensitive environment, there used to be a high probability of running into issues in Register Generation and Verification of modules for each project. To avoid the chaos, the solutions that were provided in Excel and Txt format, were not readable and required the enormous set of the scripts that required too many resources.

Agnisys’ IDesignSpec™ to the Rescue
Like Descretix most manufacturers have been putting its focus on increasing productivity while maintaining the quality. Rapid changes, more complex product requirements and new technologies are increasing the demand for the time, cost and quality resources at the Company’s disposal. In such tight conditions, Agnisys provided an Executable Design Specification Tool IDesignSpec™ that allowed the Engineers at Discretix to free their resources from register maintenance tasks.


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