Semiconductor Design Services with a focus on Register Management & Design

Register management has emerged as an area for quality improvement for the entire semiconductor design engineering team. Agnisys offers a cost-effective design services program leveraging proven expertise and commercial technology.

Agnisys can help engineering teams with existing tool flows for registers in hardware design or improve register data management through the product lifecycle. We offer a comprehensive solution for register automation and the expertise to provide a variety of services to suit the need.

The Agnisys Semiconductor Design Services:

  • Assesses the current register data flow and recommends improvements
  • Deploys IDesignSpec, ISequenceSpec and IVerifySpec to improve register management productivity and reduce errors
  • Converts existing non-automated or non-standard register data into industry-standard documentation and an automated flow
  • Provides services to manage the specification throughout the design and verification project

Client Engagement Snapshots

IDSBatch for a large semiconductor company

IDSBatch – A notable semiconductor company wanted to automatically generate MS Word documentation of its SystemRDL files for team members not familiar with SystemRDL to view and contribute to them. Further, it needed the MS Word format to comply with company-standard documentation policies.

Agnisys created IDSBatch templates, deployed IDSBatch for existing files and setup the process for the team to generate the output files.

IDSWord for a large Service provider

IDSWord –– A well-known engineering service provider wanted consistency in the way registers were verified across various project groups and selected the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) register package. It then wanted consistency in the way all register data was represented so that when it migrated to UVM, all data migrated without rewrite or re-validation of the entire process.

Agnisys deployed IDSWord to provide consistency in data representation, as well as consistency and portability of generated outputs.

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