Students are the future of technological innovation for any industry. It’s the responsibility of the industry to make sure students are given appropriate tools and access to technology during their course work.

At Agnisys, we take our commitment to the Semiconductor ecosystem very seriously.  We have created the Spark Higher Education Program for Universities and Educational Institutions around the world so that students can get access to our technology with ease. This is our attempt to light the spark of innovation in young minds.


In order to join the Agnisys Spark program, your University or Educational Institution must satisfy the following requirements:

1.    Must be engaged in imparting higher technical education to graduates, post graduate students.

2.    Must have courses in the design and verification of semiconductor devices.

3.    Must execute Agnisys’ NDA and Software License agreement.

4.    Must pay the required program administrative/support fees.


The Institution and its students get the following direct benefits:

1.    Easy and early access to the latest Agnisys tools and technology,

2.    Possibility for students to join the Agnisys team,

3.    Close interaction with the Agnisys development team.

Program Fee

There is a small fee that helps to alleviate some of the administrative and support cost of running this program. The fee also ensures that Agnisys provides support for its tools at par with that provided to the industry. At the same time it ensures that the Institution makes effective use of the provided technology.

If you think access to Agnisys technology will help you and your students, please contact spark@agnisys.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get started.

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