Committed to the Success of Our Customers

Agnisys works tirelessly to support and enable the success of its most demanding IC and IP customers by providing industry-leading executable specification automation solutions which increase quality, reduce risk, and speed time-to-market by streamlining project development. 

To better enable and support its many customers, Agnisys provides support for, or has  contributed to, the following industry standards:

  • ARM AMBA ®
  • CDC (proposed standard) 
  • IP-XACT 
  • PSS
  • RALF
  • SystemC
  • SystemRDL
  • SystemVerilog
  • UVM
  • Verilog
  • VHDL


Additionally, Agnisys is certified compliant to key functional safety standards, including:

  • ISO 26262
  • IEC 61508
  • DO-254