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Newsletter 2019 Q2 | Agnisys

In this newsletter, you will find articles about the basic differences between SystemRDL, YAML & RALF, overcoming challenges in writing long sequences and generating sequences using Questa® inFact.


YAML, SystemRDL, and RALF: Construct Comparison for Registers

In the previous edition of our quarterly newsletter, we gave a basic comparison between SystemRDL and IP-XACT. The article focused on the comparison of basic constructs and its implementation using a Lock Register.  In this article, we will give a basic comparison between SystemRDL, RALF and YAML and a brief overview of construct comparison for registers. Read More


Sequence Generation with ISequenceSpec and Cadence® Perspec

With increasing complexity, there is a need to standardize the test intent and behavior of the design. Designers create the hardware design with certain functionality, configuration or sequence in mind. Verification engineers read and decode the spec and write SV/UVM sequences. Read More