Our register specification changes constantly during most of our IP project schedule, and we simply re-run IDS to propagate those changes and re-generate the output files. Without IDS, every time that a register or field changes, we would have to hand-edit the RTL, the UVM models, and the documentation. That would take a lot of effort, run the risk of typos and coding errors, and make it hard to keep all the files in sync. I think the biggest value of IDS and register automation is this repeated usage.
Ricky Lau, The Six Semiconductor CTO and Co-Founder

SemiWiki Interview

Things change over time and I think the biggest value added for Agnisys for us has been changing of a spec and then generating code directly within minutes … We are actually enhancing, working with Agnisys, our design flow, and Agnisys have been an excellent partner in that.
Khalid Chishti, Allegro Microsystems Sr. Design Engineering Manager

All we’re really looking for is some kind of tool that helps us automate how we can generate the RTL from basic register specification and that’s where IDesignSpec really fit. It supports a lot of features in terms of all the different types of registers … This the first time that I had used any of the Agnisys tools and it was pretty straightforward: the documentation, the support that they had, and even the registers that it created.
Teja Panchagnula, Analog Inference Verification Engineer
Gary Tsztoo, Analog Inference Design Lead

With Agnisys you have a single automated flow where you specify your specification in the Word format, you push a button, you get all the other consistent outputs that you can distribute to everybody. I can’t put a number on it, but I would say is it has saved us many days and months over the past four years in not having to debug any issue related to registers.
Paritosh Kulkarni, Yellowbrick Data Lead Silicon and FPGA Architect

I am happy to be IDesignSpec user as well. It saves me a lot of coding and debugging time!

Our Client Engagement Snapshot

It (IDSBatch, IDSExcel) works like a charm! Thank you so much for the great assistance.Integration with R&D was smooth.
Alon Shtepel


IDesignSpec is a great tool that bridges the gap of register specifications to the design and verification of the actual logic.
Our Client Engagement Snapshot


I really like your tool as it is a great time saver, and excellent utility for bridging reqmts and design… and it is priced well.

FABU America

Our experience with IDesignSpec has been extremely positive. We were looking for a tool that could describe our registers in a user-friendly input format. This input acts as our golden reference to all our downstream consumers to include design, validation, verification, software, and modeling. IDesignSpec indeed satisfies all those requirements.
Bahaa Osman, FABU America’s Verification Team Leader

Read Press Release here

Using IDesignSpec allowed us to ramp up very quickly on our design. It is a full-featured and well-designed register management tool that is also incredibly easy to use. It freed us from the mundane task of register management, so we could focus on our core strengths. We were very well supported by Agnisys’ competent support staff. We expect to use IDesignSpec for various designs going forward.

Confidential Company

We are very happy with iDesignSpec (IDSWord). We’ve successfully used it in 2 IP blocks so far. We love IDS with AXI4 interface capability. Can’t wait to use it on our next project.

Confidential Company

Just wanted to say again that I love IDesignSpec. I probably only use half of its features, but I can’t imagine going back to the un-automated approach. Now, if I could only use all its capabilities I would be really happy! Thanks again for building a great product.

Confidential Company