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RECORDED WEBINAR: Generate Portable Sequences from a Golden Specification

Presented by: Anupam Bakshi, Agnisys Founder, and CEO

Sequences have become a powerful concept for defining the configuration and stimuli for IPs and SoCs. Sequences in UVM are used by hardware engineers for developing IPs, sequences in C code are used by firmware and device driver developers, and sequences in ASCII or CSV format are used during post-silicon validation in platforms such as Automatic Test Equipment. The challenge is how to unify these sequences so that the IP/SoC designer or Architect defines the sequence once and generates the same functionality in various formats to be used on different platforms. In this webinar, we will show how to generate portable sequences from a golden specification using ISequenceSpec. We will also cover how ISequenceSpec helps with the Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS).

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  • What is a Sequence?
  • Consumers of Sequences
  • Defining a Sequence in ISequenceSpec
  • Sequence Properties
  • Sequence Generation
  • ISequenceSpec and PSS

This webinar will be useful for:

    • Hardware Designers
    • Verification Engineers
    • Firmware Engineers
    • Emulation Engineers
    • System Developers
    • IP developers
    • SoC developers
    • Managers or Directors


Presenter Bio:
Anupam Bakshi, Agnisys Founder & CEO @bakshia

Anupam is the Founder and CEO of Agnisys, Inc. He possesses over two decades of experience in implementing a wide range of products and services in the high-tech industry. Prior to forming Agnisys, he held various management and technical lead roles at companies such as Avid Technology, PictureTel, Blackstone Consulting Group, Cadence, and Gateway Design Automation. Anupam has earned a high-tech MBA and Master’s in Computer  Engineering from Northeastern University, Massachusetts and a Masters in Science (Electronics) from Delhi University.

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