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In this webinar we present the Agnisys way of developing embedded products. This provides a path that avoids many pitfalls present in a typical flow, such as a slow process, duplicate efforts, wasteful resources, and so on. 

Generate code directly from specification using best-in-class Agnisys products and innovative tool flow. The Agnisys flow involves the use of IDesignSpec™, which starts by defining the Hardware-Software Interface (HSI) of the embedded system, followed by defining the user application logic using DVinsight™, customising standard IPs with SLIP-G™, and connecting all the components using SoC Enterprise™, and getting a jump-start on the software stack using ISequenceSpec™. Create automated UVM-based verification environments using Specta-AV™ and tests using ARV™ and ASVV™.

There’s no more wasted time, no more wasteful resources, and no more sub-optimal code. Agnisys brings a new way of creating embedded designs that just works. In the webinar we will go through a typical embedded system development using this new Agnisys way.

Benefits of Using Agnisys Flow:

  • The suite of Agnisys tools help you automate the Embedded System development process
  • Provide real value to architects, designers, verification engineers, software developers, technical writers, and chip testers
  • Focus is on User Application Logic and not the plumbing (connectivity)
  • Agnisys Flow cuts down the time it takes to develop Embedded Systems 
  • Makes your teams more productive and efficient 
  • Produces high quality, repeatable result  
  • This saves time and money and improves overall quality
  • All tools are available independently or as a complete flow

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to reduce development time by 30%
  • How to use a development methodology that is highly efficient
  • What steps can be automated such that minimum effort and resources are required to develop the embedded system

Event Info:
Date : Dec 17th, 2020
Time: 03:00 PM-04:00 PM UK-CET
         06:00 AM-07:00 AM USA-PST
         07:30 PM-08:30 PM INDIA-IST 

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