May 2, 2024

Understanding SystemRDL: Comprehensive Tutorial with Examples

SystemRDL is a language used for describing the register maps of digital systems, particularly in the context of hardware design.

SystemRDL Example
February 28, 2024

Leveraging SystemRDL for Efficient Register Modeling in Next-Gen SoCs

SystemRDL, or System Register Description Language, is a specialized hardware description language (HDL) used for specifying registers in digital systems.

Various Outputs Automatically Generated
December 22, 2023

Efficient Hardware Description: Transforming SystemRDL into Multiple Formats for Seamless Integration

Explore the efficiency of transforming SystemRDL into multiple formats effortlessly. Agnisys provides a robust compiler for seamless integration, saving time and resources.

April 14, 2023

How to Automatically Generate Better IC Design Registers

Simplify IC design with Agnisys - automate register generation, RTL, testbenches, and documentation. Save time and improve productivity today!