March 26, 2019

Setting the Stage for the Next Abstraction

By Louie De Luna, Agnisys Chief Product Evangelist As generations of designs evolved from a few hundred transistors to hundreds of billions, our industry abstracted the problem space from transistors to schematics to gates, and from RTL bit-level to transaction-level. Using abstraction, designers were able to focus on the high-level design and tests while the tools took care of the automation and calculations at the low-level – this ...

February 17, 2019

Register Automation using Machine Learning

By Louie De Luna, Agnisys Director of Sales and Marketing Right after Google’s AlphaGo system defeated a human Go world champion in 2015, the hype of deep learning and machine learning (ML) was quickly assimilated into ...

December 17, 2018

Top 2018 Agnisys Resources

Every year we take a look back at the resources we’ve created to determine what you’ve found most useful. We invite you to take a look below at our top viewed and downloaded resources from 2018. RECORDED ...

December 3, 2018

Automating Register Verification with 100% Functional Coverage

 By Louie de Luna, Agnisys Director of Sales and Marketing UVM has certainly improved reusability of verification environments for SoC projects, significantly lowering the verification costs throughout the electronics ...

May 27, 2016

It’s All In The Sequence

Whether dealing with SoCs or a disaster in space, determining the correct set of steps is vital. No project team wants a “Houston, we have a problem,” moment. And yet, they happen all too frequently, even though there ...

May 5, 2016

Making Way For Register Specification Software

While more registers means more functionality and configurability, more is not always better. No one gives much thought to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning registers in the house–typically, two in each ...

September 21, 2015

Does UVM sometimes make you feel stupid?

Somewhere in the deep trenches of a UVM based verification project, an engineer teeters on the verge of insanity. As the saying goes, the faint of heart need not attempt UVM based verification. But what makes it so ...

June 27, 2015

Electronic Design Automation Trade Show Update – 52DAC

Overheard a lot of talk about “Shift Left” – which refers to the higher levels of abstraction leading to higher levels of productivity. I find that interesting as we at Agnisys have been doing this left shift since ...

June 19, 2010

#47DAC musings

Going to DAC had a boosting effect on us.

July 28, 2009

Great turnout at the Design Automation Conference

We had a great first day at DAC. All the talk about recession and economic doom were hard to believe. People were enthusiastic and upbeat. Even the guys and gals looking for work were upbeat and were considering it to ...